Welcome to lgbtout.com, the official website of the student group, LGBTOUT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Trans People of the University of Toronto)! LGBTOUT is a volunteer-run student group that exists to build community. Specifically, LGBTOUT provides peer support and advocacy, and the facilitation of saferand inclusive spaces for all U of T students, especially those who identify as queer, questioning, or allied.

Our constitution can be found here: http://bit.ly/2kyvleZ.

LGBTOUT’s executive committee is made up of 9 members: an Administrative Director, Drop-In Centre Director, Public Relations Director, Finance Director, Resources and Training Director, Events Director, first-year representative, and two (2) executives at-large. In addition, the Drop-In Centre volunteers and various committee members also play an important role in making LGBTOUT what it is!

Our current (2016 – 17) exec team:

Administrative Director: Barron Pan
Drop-In Centre Director: Cheryl Quan
Public Relations Director: Gaby Garcia-Casanova
Finance Director: Sam McCulloch
Resources and Training Director: Andrea Bermudez
Events Director: Julian Oliveria
First-year representative: Micha Annis
Executive at-large: Cole Dempsey
Executive at-large: Ali Chatur

LGBTOUT’s general membership includes individuals from across the University who attend LGBTOUT events, access LGBTOUT resources on a frequent basis, and/or are subscribed to our email list. We hope that you are able to find what your are looking for on this site. Feel free to contact us at lgbtoutexec@gmail.com.

– The LGBTOUT Executive Committee