LGBTOUT Statement on the UofT Strike

LGBTOUT is PROUD to be giving ‪#‎CUPE3902‬ our rainbow & condom clad megaphone during the ‪#‎UofTStrike‬.

We back the strike 110% and encourage our members to join with our TAs at the picketlines.

The South Gate to UofT on College is a great place to join in.

Shout out to (the fossil fuel divestment campaign), UofT NDP, UTSU, and ASSU for your solidarity! All clubs should join in vocally supporting CUPE.

We encourage everyone to email the Vice Provost to express your frustration. You will be most effective if you add that you are tweeting at and commenting to the media about your frustration with the administration.

As people who can comment on bullying, we are disappointed in the UofT administration for unfair tactics and administering poverty on CUPE3902 workers. We understand a strike is frustrating (many of our exec are graduating!), but we believe in the right to strike. We believe our TAs should earn a living wage. They do 35% of the teaching for 1% of the budget. UofT, you are not being fabulous.

To all those who comment this is hurting students we disagree. Picket lines and labour solidarity are vital skills to have as we join the work force.

Thank you ‪#‎UofT‬, for giving us the chance to practice them. ‪#‎WeAreUofT‬


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