LGBTOUT Statement on Fossil Fuel Divestment

Dear fellow beloved queers,

The straight people and their fossil fuels are threatening queer survival as we know it.

From fracking water tables to colonial oil extraction in the Alberta tar sands, heteropatriarchal fossil fuel extraction is putting the global climate system in jeopardy.

LGBTOUT recognizes the fossil fuel industy’s business model will commit the planet to catastrophic, irreversible, runaway global climate disruption.

If runaway climate change begins, the survival of the beautiful queerbies, and gaybies of the future will be threatened.

UofT is aggravating this threat by investing in the dirty energy industry now.

LGBTOUT thus calls for the Governing Council & President Gertler to divest UofT from fossil fuels. LGBTOUT fully endorses the fossil fuel divestment campaign as essential to queer survival.

The queer people of the future deserve a clean environment and healthy climate.

Dear straight people, you are very slow at saving yourselves. But worry not, your fabulous queer allies are here to help you along.

We’re here. We’re queer. We’re here to save the planet.

‪#‎SaveTheStraights‬ ‪#‎DivestFossilFuels‬ ‪#‎FossilFreeUofT‬‪#‎FossilFreeCanada‬

with love and glitter,


Queer Action savestr8-01


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