LGBTOUT Newsletter Nov 10


1. Divestment Action Week! March Wed Nov 12 12.15-1.30. BE THERE. YOU CAN MARCH WITH LGBTOUT

2. LGBTOUT Selling White Poppies $1 – Get yours for Tuesday

3. LGBTOUT statement on the UTSU AGM​! 

4. Queer faith history series

5. Like Salomé’s facebook page

6. “Anatomy of a Protest: The Art of Infiltration” Panel Discussion

7. End the Ban Campaign at UofT 

8. Trans Health in the City 

1. Fossil Free UofT Week

This week, we the students, we the University will demand UofT act on climate change and take its money out of dirty energy. LGBTOUT has endorsed and actively supports making UofT taking climate leadership. You can March with LGBTOUT too! It’s like climate change queer pride! We meet at St. George and College at 12.15pm Wed Nov 12

About Action Week: From November 10-14 a flurry of student action will show that the University community demands fossil fuel divestment.
This will include:

– An Art Build (posters, banners, etc) November 10 from 4-8pm in Haultian Room 316

– A Panel Discussion on Fossil Fuel Divestment featuring experts and professionals from various fields. Tuesday Nov 11 at 6pm
– Also, catch us on your way to class canvassing on St George

– The Divestment Movement March on November 12 12.15-1.30pm

– A party to celebrate! Harvest Noon/GSU Pub 8pm
Join this page to receive updates about everything that’s happening!

Let’s keep our consensual dirty behaviours in the bedroom, and take unconsentual dirty behaviours out of the Athabasca.

2. LGBTOUT Selling White Poppies for $1

LGBTOUT will be selling white poppies at our Drop In Centre for $1 (covers costs). White poppies come from the British Peace Pledge Union. A pacifist organization centred on the pledge “I renounce war, and am therefore determined not to support any kind of war. I am also determined to work for the removal of all causes of war.” The intent is to direct our attention, as Remembrance Day approaches, towards actively working for peace.

Peace work means being committed to pacifist values, challenging militarism, changing violent masculinities, and decolonizing our relationship with and understanding of our settler-colony state. Despite rabble rousing misrepresentations of the white poppy in the media, LGBTOUT would like to make clear that this is not a for/against the veterans issue. This is to oppose both political elites and how violence is normalized and glorified today.

Today, we are more threatened by our state and what it does abroad in our name. Canada is now committed to a misguided war in Iraq. The Canadian state now supports neo-colonial states and corporations.

The Canadian Government will misuse our memory as Remembrance Day approaches. WW1 and WW2 were fundamentally different from contemporary conflicts.

We feel the lessons of peace have not been learned.​

2. LGBTOUT Statement on the UTSU AGM

LGBTOUT Statement on the Oct 29 AGM
1. The reforms we wanted passed were voted down.
2. More important motions were not discussed
3. Everybody needs to make the space safer next time.
Full text

3. Like Salome on Facebook

Our fabulous host Salome has a new facebook. Like it to stay updated about one of Toronto’s most fabulous Drag Queens!

4. Queer Faith History Series

Queer Faith History Toronto, the fall 2014 Qu(e)erying Religion series, will profile inspiring stories from leaders in the early years of Toronto’s LGBTQ faith and spirituality groups to engage in informative, inspiring discussion. Gather. Learn. Inspire.

Our next event will be on 12 Nov from 5-7pm, including a light supper in the COOP, St. Michael’s College. Our guests will be Richard Isaac and Andy Spiece from SAGA! All are welcome! Facebook event link:

5. “Anatomy of a Protest: The Art of Infiltration” Panel Discussion / Week 9 of “The Politics and Poetics of Visibility”

University of Toronto Art Centre

    Wendy Coburn’s first major solo exhibition in Toronto centres on her recently completed video “Slut Nation: Anatomy of a Protest,” which revisits the world’s first Slutwalk protest. Grass-roots and spontaneous, the 2011 protest offered an important rebuttal of a Toronto Police officer’s comments at a safety and security panel at York University, drawing attention to the ways in which gender stereotyping diverts the focus from the perpetrators of violence, and blames survivors of sexual assault instead. The protest’s critique of the persistence of rape culture inspired countless satellite protests across the globe. Coburn’s reconstruction of the 2011 protest highlights the movement of an organized group of provocateurs, including their representation in the media, as they march three blocks from Queen’s Park to the Toronto Police Headquarters. Bringing together footage and photographs taken by citizen journalists, the media, and the artist’s friends, Coburn’s work draws parallels to the haunting history of the infiltration of protests in Toronto, including those following the gay bath-house raids in 1981 through to the largest mass arrests of citizens in Canada at the G20 in 2010.

Ultimately, Coburn’s expansive body of work poses a series of questions related to freedom of assembly, the critical role of protest, and tactics used to undermine social justice organizing and positive social change. 

More information can be found here:

6. End the Ban Campaign at U of T

The goal of the End the Ban campaign is to advocate for a blood donation policy that is based on medical evidence; that is based on sexual behaviours and not the sex of sexual partners; and that ensures the safety of the blood supply. With student engagement, we can bring about changes to the policies of Canadian Blood Services.

Help put an end the MSM blood ban by joining the End the Ban campaign at UofT! Sign up for the End the Ban listserve here for upcoming committee meetings and ways to get involved, and check out the facebook page here!

7. Trans Health in the City: A Discussion with Rainbow Health Ontario and The 519 Church Street Community Centre

Wednesday, November at 4pm

WGSI Lounge – Above the New College Library

WGSSU is excited to host speakers from Rainbow Health Ontario and The 519 Church Street Community Centre for a panel on trans health and trans health services in Toronto.

The featured speakers will be Matt Francino, presenting on behalf of Rainbow Health Ontario, and Yasmeen Persad, presenting on behalf of The 519 Church Street Community Centre. Yasmeen’s section of the discussion will focus specifically on trans women and HIV.
This events aims to be a safe, accessible, and inclusive space for all people to learn about and discuss issues of trans health.

For more information and to RSVP, click here:


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