LGBTOUT selling White Poppies $1

LGBTOUT Now Selling White Poppies for $1

LGBTOUT will be selling white poppies at our Drop In Centre for $1 (covers costs). White poppies come from the British Peace Pledge Union. A pacifist organization centred on the pledge “I renounce war, and am therefore determined not to support any kind of war. I am also determined to work for the removal of all causes of war.” The intent is to direct our attention, as Remembrance Day approaches, towards actively working for peace.

Peace work means being committed to pacifist values, challenging militarism, changing violent masculinities, and decolonizing our relationship with and understanding of our settler-colony state. Despite rabble rousing misrepresentations of the white poppy in the media, LGBTOUT would like to make clear that this is not a for/against the veterans issue. This is to oppose both political elites and how violence is normalized and glorified today.

Today, we are more threatened by our state and what it does abroad in our name. Canada is now committed to a misguided war in Iraq. The Canadian state now supports neo-colonial states and corporations.

The Canadian Government will misuse our memory as Remembrance Day approaches. WW1 and WW2 were fundamentally different from contemporary conflicts.

We feel the lessons of peace have not been learned.​


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