Election Results!

Hello handsome and beautiful folk!

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the election. The results of the 2014 Winter LGBTOUT Election are as follows:


Public Relations Coordinator: Ben Donato-Woodger (25 votes for, 0 against)

Drop-In Centre Coordinator: Cathie Renner (24 votes for, 0 against)

Executives at Large: David Mauti (22 votes for, 1 against),

Nathan Lai (20 votes for, 3 against)

Administrative Coordinator: Agatha Lee (24 votes for, 0 against)

Financial Coordinator: Maulik Thakker (23 votes for, 0 against)

Resources Coordinator: Madeleine Bray (19 votes for, 0 against)

Events Coodinator: Andrew McNaughton (16 votes for, 3 against),

Cyrus SilverStrider (9 votes for, 13 against)

13 ballots were counted as spoiled (the vast majority of them voted for 2 candidates for events coordinator)


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