Volunteer at our Drop-In Centre!

Fall 2013 Volunteer Application Form and Information
LGBTOUT DROP Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at the LGBTOUT* Drop-In Centre!

The Drop-In Centre (DIC) is the face of the LGBTOUT Centre and is a unique feature at the University of Toronto.  We provide a safe space that is accessible to queer, trans, questioning, and allied students on campus.  Located on the St. George campus, the Drop-In Centre is open to all U of T students past and present.

The DIC is a resource space offering peer (not professional) support to students in crisis or simply in need of friendly, informative, non-judgemental and sex-positive support.  It also exists as an avenue for education.  Our aim is not only to inform our communities, but to make an impression upon the public at large and connect with other marginalized groups.  We have resources and can provide a dizzying selection of FREE condoms & etc. to students as required; facilitate training workshops and special events.

The Drop-In Centre will be open continually during both the Fall and Winter semesters throughout the day.  It is staffed by volunteers who commit to a minimum of 2 hours a week.

This is a great place for learning about your own interests and from others and thus serves as a safe place that fosters personal growth.  There is the opportunity to meet some really great people and participate in activities that will enrich your world view as well as helping others.

The Drop-In Centre benefits from the complete support of the Volunteer Coordinator, the Training Coordinator and all the LGBTOUT Centre Executives who are committed to assisting queer, trans, questioning, and all allied students on campus.


If you would like to apply to become a volunteer, please fill out the LGBTOUT DROP Application Form and deliver a hardcopy to the Drop-In Centre at 73 St. George Street.  We are located in the archway of Sir Daniel Wilson Residence.  If we’re closed please hand it in at the Porter’s Lodge which is opposite the Drop-In Centre. If you cannot deliver the application, please email it to me – “Atten. Cathie Renner” at volunteer@lgbtout.com All applicants are required to complete the form in its entirety, must have an interview and attend training.  No exceptions.

The last day for applications will be:  THURSDAY, 13TH SEPTEMBER, 2013.

This application consists:
1. A standard series of questions.
2. A creative component.  This part is there to encourage you to express yourself and may consist of anything you feel represents you and your personality.  It can be anything from a drawing, a piece of poetry, a short story, a discussion of an issue that interests you, a recipe, or a joke.  In short anything.  Please feel free to express yourself you please but please keep it to one side of 8×11 paper.
3. Please answer all questions – there are no “correct” answers
4. Please check your class schedules and have a good idea of when you have classes and tutorials.
5. Applicants will be notified by email for an interview.

Interviews will take place at the following times:
Monday, September 16: 10am-12pm
Tuesday, September 17: 10am-12pm
Wednesday, September 18: 10am-12pm
Thursday, September 19: 11am-3pm
Friday, September 20: 11am-3p

Successful applicants will be notified email by the evening of MONDAY 23th September.   We will endeavour to place you with an experienced volunteer.


All volunteers must attend the mandatory training workshop on
SATURDAY, 5TH SEPTEMBER & SATURDAY 12TH OCTOBER from 10 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.  Our training workshops aim to be informative and fun but importantly to give you the tools you need to be a successful volunteer peer support worker (not to a professional counsellor).

Drop-In Centre shifts will begin on Monday 7th October.
Shifts are 10 am – 12 pm / 12pm -2 pm / 2 pm – 4 pm / 4 pm – 6pm.   Monday – Friday

The Drop-In Centre will close prior to the final exam period in December and open again during the first week of classes in January 2014.


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