Interim Executive Positions: LGBTOUT Centre for Queer, Trans & Allied Students


LGBTOUT Centre currently has two vacant positions on the Executive Committee. A bi-election is scheduled for October and further details will be announced as required by the LGBTOUT Centre Constitution in due course.

To ensure a smooth running of LGBTOUT Centre over the next couple of months and particularly with coordinating the scheduled events at the beginning of the Fall Semester the Executive Committee is looking to appoint two people who would be willing to volunteer their time and skills as the interim Event Coordinator and Resources Coordinator. These positions are temporary covering the period Tuesday 6th August until Monday 7th October when the elected executives will assume their roles.

The “interim” executives are welcome to stand along with any other candidates for election in October.


The Event Coordinator is responsible for planning at least (1) event per term to help build community among the members of the LGBTOUT Centre. This individual is encouraged to work closely with the executive committee, other UofT groups, and/or groups outside of UofT when planning events for the LGBTOUT Centre.

The Resources Coordinator is responsible for updating and organizing the resources distributed by the LGBTOUT Centre, including pamphlets, brochures, referral lists, ad safer sex supplies. The Resources Coordinator is expected to work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator and the Training Coordinator to ensure that LGBTOUT Centre Volunteers are aware of the LGBTOUT Centre’s resources and how to use them.

If you are interested in applying for one of the interim executive positions, please email me at with “Attn: Cathie” and the executive position you are interested in applying for in the subject line. Please explain your interest, the skills and qualities you believe you have to bring to the role. Please ensure I receive your email by Sunday, 4th August.

Successful candidates will be informed of our decision on Tuesday 6th August.

Thank you

Cathie Renner

Chief Returning Officer

Volunteer Coordinator


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