LGBTOUT Centre Winter 2013 Election Results

The results of the LGBTOUT Centre Elections are in:

Administrative Coordinator – Dylan Chauvin- Smith (13 yes, 2 no)
Events Coordinator – Rochelle Mather (13 yes, 2 no)
Financial Coordinator – Hardeep Singh (15 yes, 0 no)
Public Relations Coordinator – Corey Scott (14 yes, 1 no)
Resources Coordinator – Ryan Degen (14 yes, 1 no)
Space Coordinator – Sophia Spina (8 yes, 0 no – Patrick Ormonde 7 yes, 0 no)
Training Coordinator – Adam Watkins (15 yes, 0 no)
Volunteer Coordinator – Cathie Renner (14 yes, 1 no)

Congratulations to the new executive of LGBTOUT. If you are new to the executive, please send your email address to so that we can contact you to arrange the transition meeting.


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