LGBTOUT AGM & Winter 2013 Election

LGBTOUT Annual General Meeting and Winter 2013 Election


Attendance: Adam, Corey, Doug, Dylan, Hardeep, Kayla, Matthew, Patrick, Rayston, Rochelle, Ricky, Ryan, Sophia

  1. Introductions
    1. Quorum was reached with Doug, Dylan, Matthew, Ricky, Rochelle, and Ryan present.
    2. We went around the table and had people say their names, preferred pronouns, and reasons for being at the meeting.
    3. The agenda was finalized.
  1. Candidate Statements and Voting
    1. Matthew, the Chief Returning Officer, read the description for each executive position and had the person(s) running for each position make a statement about their candidacy.
    2. Cathie, the running candidate for the position of Volunteer Coordinator, was absent, so Matthew read her statement.
    3. An initial voting session took place.
    4. The date, time, and location information for additional voting sessions was announced:

i.     March 4: 10-11 am

ii.     March 5: 4-5 pm

iii.     March 6: 11 am to 12 pm

iv.     March 7: 3-5 pm

Each session will take place at the LGBTOUT Drop-In Centre, which is located in the archway of Sir Daniel Residence (73 St. George Street).

  1. The results will be made available for Friday morning.
  1. Queer Ball
    1. Rochelle provided an update on Queer Ball. Posters (about 100) have been distributed, mainly in residences. The theme is red and gold and masquerade. Tickets are available at U of T Tix. Volunteers are needed to help set up decorations. Executives must stay until the end of the event to help clean up. Nametags have been requested and will be reimbursed.
  1. Other
    1. Doug suggested that we do another Meet n’ Greet. Ricky said that that would not be a good idea and that we should focus on transitioning over the next few weeks.

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