Newsletter  1. Trans* Day of Remembrance: Rainbow Trin, WINC, VicPride, and LGBTOUT go to the Trans* Day of Remembrance  2. Fossil Free UofT Post March Meeting – Fight for Climate Action! 3. Like Salomé’s facebook page 4. End the Ban Campaign at UofT  5. Queer Karaoke​ 6. Just Give a Minute  1.  Rainbow Trin, WINC, VicPride, and LGBTOUT go to the […]

​ Newsletter  1. Divestment Action Week! March Wed Nov 12 12.15-1.30. BE THERE. YOU CAN MARCH WITH LGBTOUT 2. LGBTOUT Selling White Poppies $1 – Get yours for Tuesday 3. LGBTOUT statement on the UTSU AGM​!  4. Queer faith history series 5. Like Salomé’s facebook page 6. “Anatomy of a Protest: The Art of Infiltration” Panel Discussion 7. End the Ban Campaign […]

LGBTOUT Now Selling White Poppies for $1 LGBTOUT will be selling white poppies at our Drop In Centre for $1 (covers costs). White poppies come from the British Peace Pledge Union. A pacifist organization centred on the pledge “I renounce war, and am therefore determined not to support any kind of war. I am also […]

Thank you to everyone who made our homohop a fabulous raging success. Pictures are now available on our group. We were thrilled with the incredible turnout and stunned with the fabulous performances by Barbie Jo Bontemps, Eva Simone, and Salome. A special thank-you is due to Andrew McNaughton for his wonderful event planning, Emily Pollock […]

LGBTOUT is disappointed by the results of the October 29 UTSU AGM. Our reasons are many. Namely 1. The reforms we wanted passed were voted down. 2. More important motions were not discussed 3. Everybody needs to make the space safer next time. 1. Represent Us. The reforms made sensible steps towards representing LGBTQ+ issues […]

Newsletter 1. LGBTout Presents: The Halloween Homohop! – Tickets on sale now!  2. LGBTOUT endorses UTSU reforms. Go to the AGM and vote yes! 3.Queer faith history series 4. LGBT Movie night 5. Totally OutRight – Registration extended!  6. End the Ban Campaign at UofT  7. LGBT Dance Classes  8. #Olivia4Mayor <3    1. LGBTout Presents: The Halloween Homohop!  […]

Joint Endorsement and Position by: LGBTOUT, Queer Slam, and Queer Writes The proposed new structure for UTSU that the UTSU AGM will discuss is complicated. But it matters enormously. We support it. And, we need you to make it happen. We hereby agree that: Representing Equity Issues : We believe issues directors on LGBTQ, commuter, racialized, gendered, […]


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